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Addons für Ipcop 1.4.13 [ These downloads work only on Ipcop 1.4.13 and higher ]
Author Markus Hoffmann
Description *** New file online, v1.0.1 ***
added remark-field
fixed a bug when switching alias
added some errorchecks

*** New file online, v1.1 ***
added status to gui
added some errorchecks

*** New file online, v1.2 ***
fixed several bugs when not all interfaces are used
fixed a bug when your subnet is not 24 (

*** New file online, v1.2.1 ***
added colors to webinterface status
a lot of internal changes, no new functions

*** New file online, v1.3 ***
fixed big bug:
snatgui freezes complete under some configurations

*** New file online, v1.4 ***
fixed bug: ipcop freezes complete at shutdown with snatgui enabled

*** New file online, v1.5 ***
fixed bug: ipcop freezes complete at reconnect with snatgui enabled

*** New file online, v1.6 ***
fixed big bug in 1.5:
rc.red is no longer working with snatgui 1.5 installed.
Please update snatgui immediately !

*** New file online, v1.7 ***
changed license from GPL to CreativeCommons
slight modifications to cgi

*** New file online, v1.8 ***
fixed bug in rc.firewall.local

*** New file online, v1.9 ***
fixed bug with subnet-detection ( Thanks to Bernhard Bitsch )

*** New file online, v1.9.1 ***
fixed bug in rc.firewall that prevents snat from starting after reboot
fixed bug when using orange and/or blue network too

*** New file online, v1.9.2 ***
fixed another bug in rc.firewall that prevents snat from starting after reboot

Mit diesem Addon kann man über das Webinterface bestimmten Rechnern im LAN eine bestimmte abgehende Ip zuweisen.

Es werden mehrere rote Ipadressen (Aliase) verwendet.


Die Datei auf den Ipcop kopieren, mit

tar xfz snatgui_ipcop_1.4.13.tar.gz


Dann ins Verzeichniss snatgui wechseln und



Nach dem Installieren bitte das Verzeichniss snatgui wieder
verlassen da es vom Installationsskript gelöscht wird.

Nun kann man über das Webinterface unter Firewall=>SNAT bequem
einstellen, welcher Host mit welchem Alias ins Internet geht.

Zum Deinstallieren einfach



With this addon you could easily configure which alias-ip
a host should use to connect ot the internet.

It will only work if you have configured aliases for red.


copy the file to your ipcop, extract with

tar xfz snatgui_ipcop_1.4.13.tar.gz

then enter the snatgui-directory and run


and then leave the snatgui-directory because the install-script has
deleted it.

Now you could configure SNAT from the Webinterinterface
under firewall=>SNAT.


Just run



Creative Commons LicenseCreative Commons
Attribution-NoDerivs 2.5 License
Filesize 39.79 kB
Date Sunday 29 July 2007 - 17:33:22
Downloads 7940
 10.0 - 2 votes 
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JuanR |26 Feb 2007 : 14:14
Comments: 1
Registered: 26 Feb 2007 : 13:43
Does SNAT-Gui have problems with Zerina OPENVPN?

icarus-il |20 Jul 2007 : 10:43
Comments: 1
Registered: 20 Jul 2007 : 10:37
Hello Markus.
your addons are very good thanks.

is this addons SNAT working with newer IPCOP version's?
1.4.15 +
anything to consider before installing?


MarkusHoffmann |20 Jul 2007 : 13:25

Comments: 245
Location: Helmbrechts, Germany
Afaik there should be no problem with 1.4.16.

If you like my addons, feel free to donate some money.
Even little amounts help to keep things going.

balamacab |03 Aug 2007 : 18:21
Comments: 1
Registered: 03 Aug 2007 : 18:12
Hi, i just install it, but it doent seems to be doing the snat...
initily when i click the status buttos i got the error "Setuid script "/var/ipcop/snat/bin/setsnat" on nosuid filesystem"
then i change permisions and ownership from the dir /var/ipcop/snat to nobody:nobody and the error change to "Cannot clear group list. at /var/ipcop/snat/bin/setsnat line 621."

Bas |21 Aug 2007 : 18:30
Comments: 1
Registered: 21 Aug 2007 : 18:06

I've just installed the addon on IPCop 1.4.13 and I've noticed two small but critical problems:

- The green IP on eth0 ( has an alias ( which isn't recognized. This effectively blocks outgoing traffic from the network since no SNAT or Masq is performed on packets. FYI: this alias isn't configured in the IPCop webinterface (because it doesn't support aliases on the green network), it's a manual hack. The only way to find this alias is by parsing the output of 'ifconfig', which is doable.

- For some reason 'generic' traffic from my green network (traffic from hosts which haven't got an external SNAT address and should get the IPCop red address assigned) isn't picked up by the generic rule. This can be solved by removing the restriction on the input interface of this rule, which is specified by the '-i' parameter on lines 273 and 459 of the setsnat-script. I can't think of a reason why this won't work, but it does work without the '-i' option. Furthermore I don't think there are any security issues introduced by removing the '-i' option, so why not remove it?

Can you please address those issues?

MarkusHoffmann |22 Aug 2007 : 10:58

Comments: 245
Location: Helmbrechts, Germany
Thanks for the info, but please open a forum-threat for further questions/answers.
If you like my addons, feel free to donate some money.
Even little amounts help to keep things going.

abatara |07 Oct 2007 : 19:22
Comments: 1
Registered: 07 Oct 2007 : 19:06

I am running IPCop v.14.16 and have installed your latest version SnatGUI (1.9.2) but it does not work as expected. The static NAT does not work for the ORANGE zone IP address but works for GREEN zone IP address.

FYI... my IPCop box is having GREEN, RED, ORANGE and BLUE networks.

RED: .71 - .75.

The web server is inaccessbile when setting => .72 does not work. I move the machine to GREEN with IP and set => .72, it works. The web server can be reached from public.

Could you please advise what went wrong?

I have seen several postings about this problem. Removing/disabling ORANGE NIC or moving the maching to GREEN zone solve the problems. But again this defies the functions, controls and purposes of DMZ (ORANGE zone).

Please advise... Thanks...

MarkusHoffmann |08 Oct 2007 : 05:47

Comments: 245
Location: Helmbrechts, Germany
I'll have a look at it as soon as possible.
If you like my addons, feel free to donate some money.
Even little amounts help to keep things going.

koflert |06 Nov 2007 : 00:19
Comments: 4
Registered: 19 Jul 2005 : 19:19
Is there a upgrade procedure from 1.9 to 1.9.2 or do we just have to uninstall and reinstall the add-on?

Thanks for the great work.

MarkusHoffmann |06 Nov 2007 : 19:11

Comments: 245
Location: Helmbrechts, Germany
Just install the new version, the install-script will update the previous version.

If you like my addons, feel free to donate some money.
Even little amounts help to keep things going.

koflert |06 Nov 2007 : 20:05
Comments: 4
Registered: 19 Jul 2005 : 19:19
Thanks a lot - also for your effort, keep on the exzellent work.

koflert |07 Nov 2007 : 13:26
Comments: 4
Registered: 19 Jul 2005 : 19:19
I think a found a bug:

We did a upgrade from snatgui_ipcop_1.4.11.tar.gz to snatgui_ipcop_1.4.13.tar.gz and the strange behaviour is:

If a NAT rule is defined, then anyhting works fine. If for a particular host is no NAT-Rule defined - and so the default public IP of IPCop should be used, then the request cant pass the firewall. And there are also no error messages in /var/log/message.

MarkusHoffmann |07 Nov 2007 : 17:52

Comments: 245
Location: Helmbrechts, Germany
Ok, i'll have a look at it at the weekend.
If you like my addons, feel free to donate some money.
Even little amounts help to keep things going.

Brim |26 Nov 2007 : 10:04
Comments: 1
Registered: 26 Nov 2007 : 09:56
Greetings, Markus.

I had some problems with my mail-server, but then I found your addon and it seemed that my problemes were solved. But now I see, that when SNAT is started ICQ can't connect to server and I can't open hotmail.com... When I stop SNAT everything works fine...
I have proxy sever on and think that problem is in "Traffic control&report" addon, but I'm not sure.

batkerson |10 Dec 2007 : 16:09
Comments: 1
Registered: 10 Dec 2007 : 15:51Location: Michigan USA
I have installed the latest snatgui and when I start it, I lose my Green. Noting on the LAN can get out to the Internet... I have created a port forward and disabled it but that did not seem to help. I have a web/mail/ftp server on my Orange and I need to get this working for my mail server. Any other ideas?
IPCop 1.4.18 | AdvProxy 2.1.6 | Snatgui 1.9.2 | ZERINA-0.9.5b (openvpn) | Update Accelerator 2.0 (Beta 1)

sandrinho1976 |10 Mar 2008 : 14:54
Comments: 1
Registered: 07 Mar 2008 : 14:47

I have the same problem and it seems a common issue:

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